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The New Structure Of Oil Trade

Global oil events point to the fact that the global oil industry and institutions of money associated characterized not ideal structural balance, which led to the emergence of a dilemma Prime «is a geologist» is the failure of the oil market mechanisms to correct the deficit between supply and demand and the stability of world oil prices. There are a number of reasons and interconnected elements led to the emergence of periodic ones Triana Software predicaments:


The increase in the import of US oil between 1985 – 2004 by about three-fold and reduced the annual rate of growth of import by half from 2000.

During the same period a China transformed from oil exporter to a major global importer has an annual growth rate close to 23 percent (annual growth rate of consumption of Energy 16 percent compared to three percent of global growth).

And a rise in the economic growth of Asia (China, India, Japan), a large current, impact and future on the global oil market and prices, so that the continuation for substantial increases in the rates of global demand for oil and gas research Triana Soft Scam institutions expect despite check a rise in the level of energy efficiency.

It is expected that maximizes the increasing rates of future oil consumption in major importing countries, the bargaining power of oil-exporting countries with large reserves and high-energy extractive.

As for the large Western and Asian countries are regarded as the Pearson Profits APP value of ensuring the flow of oil and gas equipment has higher value prices in global markets.

In light of these facts and others, seeking large importing countries (China, India, Russia, Japan …) to invalidate the burden of the impact of future price by way of the development of bilateral economic relations with the Petroleum Exporting Countries (swaps / opposite trade) includes investment and Is Trade X Confidential A Scam trade in industrial goods, including the arms industry. The agreement, which took place between China and Iran, the fall of 2004 a qualitative shift in the structure of the global oil trade to include agreements in the field of oil and gas tankers, industrial and other investments range from a total value of between 200-400 million dollars over 25 years. In the field of oil industry, the Chinese national oil company financed stages of exploration and development of fields and infrastructure related to the construction of tankers and development. On My First Online Payday System Iran held a similar agreement with India, the lowest of its agreement with China worth.

This type of agreement is based on the assignment owned importing countries and exporting of public institutions to develop national strategic interests. Oil-importing states providing funds at a low cost (capital return) to the oil institutions to stimulate the adoption of competitive strategy formulated and taking risks in the field of oil and gas investments in producing and exporting countries for them. This allows the type of agreement to the governments of oil-exporting countries, to obtain the necessary financing with low interest rates and formats better than being Western oil companies governed by the rules of private international capital markets. As this model also achieves the Petroleum Exporting Countries, political successes and other economic benefits as well as secure the necessary for the development of its oil industry investments and ensure their products to markets in the medium and long term.

I changed the oil agreements with long-term rules of the game My 1st Online Payday System importers of oil and gas to achieve the bilateral trade balance with exporting countries, by financing revenues and exports of industrial and arms deals and other goods and services. And it led the close relationship between the governments of importing countries and exporting through the national oil companies to develop strategic interests in the global energy markets. And achieved bilateral deals for long-term costs of importing countries the rate of energy (oil and gas) less than other importing countries that get oil and gas needs of global markets.

The United States and other major powers seeking to develop its bilateral relations outside the World Trade Organization and the Organization of the Central American Free Trade Agreement CAFTA, so that signed agreements with most countries of the Gulf Cooperation Organization GCC. One of the major reasons for America to dominate the large oil reserves outside its borders, particularly in the Middle East, to address France, Germany, Russia, China, Japan and India to prevent it from to make the Middle East a vital and legitimate oil interests room. However, the strategic rapprochement between Russian and European interests, China has been working to prevent the United States to tighten control over oil policy in the Middle East (not in the interest of these countries the US stay in Iraq). As for the United States considered the need to dominate economic strategy due to the relative weakness of the real economic strength compared to the greatest military might in the world. The US economy is suffering a large deficit always require the continuation of the flow of foreign funds. In addition, as well as America failed in the success of its programs to reduce the consumption of oil and raise the efficiency of its use to bring about a qualitative change in the lives of its citizens. This means that America suffers from the lack of efficiency in energy consumption (especially oil) compared to Europe and Japan and other European countries making the economy unable to pay its oil bill in a currency other than the dollar. So the whole we see that America is trying hard to keep its hegemony over the Middle East oil for available now and in the future, and prices in the global markets control. US occupation of Iraq and is considered one of the main tributaries to feed the strategy of the United States to control the Middle East oil and to keep the world’s traded oil is in dollars. The new structure of global oil trade could lead to develop political and economic dangers for America is the emergence of a strong economic and blocks competing on Middle East oil.

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